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Persistent MUC rooms not persisted


I have Openfire 3.7.1 installed and using a group chat service with a default room setting which specify that the room is persistent.

When I want to create an instant room, the room is created and listed in the web admin as persistent (tape icon). However, if I perform the query “select * from ofmucroom”, I don’t see the room.

It however works if I create a room using the web admin.

I could create a room using a configuration but I don’t want to do that since creating instant room is ideal in my case.

Since openfire list the rooms as persistent and they are not persisted, it looks like a bug for me.

I also found a similar case here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9679990/how-to-fetch-muc-rooms-list-from-open fire

So is there any way to create an instant persistent room?

Thank you,