Persistent MUCs

Running OpenFire 3.6.4 as service on Windows 2003

LDAP authentication against AD, using SSO

SQL Server backend

Everything is working exept the MUC, which was incidentally working fine a few versions before…

I create a new MUC via the admin console, but there is something strange about the process.

  • First the “Create New Room” screen lets me define the options, but when I click on Save Changes button it reports room already exists. No one can login.

  • Go back and add an owner, change the settings, all is good. People login.

  • Room shows as persistent

  • Query the dbo.mucRoom table, blank!

  • Restart the Openfire service, the room disappears

Additional notes: Room Creation Permissions are set to “Only Specific Users” but “Any User” has the same issue, where the room is created without owner, so no one can login.

Any input?

This could be because og numerous MUC bugs in 3.6.4, which, hopefully, should be fixed for 3.6.5. Dont know when it could be released.

What are the developers doing, this is a core bug?!

Developers are too busy making money with their commercial products.