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Persistent Rooms not so persistent


Using v2.2b1.

Persistent rooms created via the Admin Console disappears on restart of the server.

The following message is generated in the error log at the time of creation.

org.jivesoftware.messenger.muc.spi.MUCPersistenceManager.saveToDB(MUCPersistence Manager.java:347)

java.sql.SQLException: Try to insert null into a non-nullable column: column: USERESERVEDNICK table: MUCROOM in statement


I’'ve actually had this issue myself. Every time I upgrade Jive Messenger to a new version…

I’‘m using MySQL for the database. The only thing I’'ve noticed is the room dissapears when I upgrade. Everything else is fine, all settings are ok; just the persistant room dissapears. If I make another room with the same exact name though, I get an error message saying room already exists and then it all of a sudden reappears in the Room Summary. =/

Could be related but, this is a totally new installation.

I am using the embedded database btw.


Hey Thomas,

Thanks for the bug report. The problem has been fixed. You will need to download tomorrow’'s nightly build and just replace the existing lib/messenger.jar with the new one.

The problem was related to new fields that were added to mucRoom a couple of minutes before building the beta. Our intention was to include in the beta all the database modifications that will be required for the final 2.2 version. As always…“never include last minute changes”

Sorry about that.


– Gato

Have created one persistent room yesterday. Today i’'ve upgraded to 2005-07-10 build and the room has dissapeared. When i tried to create room with same ID it complained that this room is already here and the room appeared back.

upgrade process: just copying whole contents of package except of CONF and LOGS dirs.

Hey wroot,

Since you updated your database to 2.2 before the beta was out, I guess that your mucRoom table is missing some new fields that were added minutes before releasing 2.2 beta1. So my very first recommendation is to recreate the database from scratch. However, if you want to try updating it manually /b then edit the messenger.script file under the embedded-db folder. Locate the row that starts with “CREATE TABLE MUCROOM” and add “useReservedNick INTEGER NOT NULL, canChangeNick INTEGER NOT NULL, canRegister INTEGER NOT NULL” before “,CONSTRAINT MUCROOM_PK”.

Restart the server and try again.


– Gato

well, i have upgraded with 2005-07-11 today and the room has not dissapeared. So maybe i can leave this without manual intervention?

I just hope that there will be no problems with database when upgrading my work deployment from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0