Персоналная папка у своих пользователей (Personal folder from its users)

Добрый день уважаемые форумчане!

Подскажите как реализовать передачу файлов в Spark IM чтобы файлы принимались в папку с именем пользователя.

Пробовал прописать в настройках



Hello dear friends!
Prompt how to implement a file transfer in Spark IM to the files in the folder are taken from the user’s name.
I tried to register the settings



Spark can’t recognize such format (maybe only MS apps can do this?). You will have to change the path manually for every user or write some script to change it for every user in spark.properties file.

there must be some that the variable that determines the user name

Spark can’t use a path with % in it as a folder for file transfers (not sure if Java applications can do that at all).

I have a network of more than 100 users use the client “Miranda”, I want to migrate to the Clent “Spark”, but to migrate, I have set up exactly like the Spark and “Miranda” client.
What advise do?

As i’ve said, you will either have to do this manually for every user (or instruct them how to do this) or create some script (cmd, visual basic) which will use %Username% variable and then insert a string into spark.properties (probably replacing old one first if possible): downloadDirectory=C:\folder\

That “folder” variable will have to be constructed by your script before inserting it into a file as Spark can’t work with %% variables. So in theory your script does something like

a = C::\%username%\

and then it inserts a into spark.properties

I don’t know how exactly this script will work and will it work at all, just an idea.

Tell me what kind of file it is necessary to correct to prescribe which should come all the files


Thank you!!