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Phone mappings example

Hi to all.

I use asterisk server and asterisk-im with openfire.

Once to add a new server in Asterisk-IM page, i’d want to set up my “phone mappings”,

but i’ve not idea to do. Where can i see an example?

I don’t know the meant’s fields.

Please, help me!

I try a java client to phone trought asterisk-im, but don’t run correctly. i’d want be sure to have right settings on server openfire/asterisk-im.

is it necessary to change mediaproxy, stun, etc… settings in openfire for VoIP application??

Answer me, please.

Hi mimmojabber,

In Asterisk-IM / General Settings / Add Server:

Server Name: A identification, like “Asterisk”

Server Address: The IP, like

Port, Username and Password are the same in the manager.conf, for example:

secret = my_secret

read = system,call

permit =

Obs. Remember to put enabled = yes in section of manager.conf

Port: 5038 (the defaut)

Username: openfir

Password: my_secret

Now in Phone Mappings

Username: A openfire username

Device: A Asterisk device, like SIP/101

Extension: A extension linked to device, like 101

I hope it helps.

Sure, thanks.