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PHP Website Integration with OpenFire

Hello all,

I am new to openfire.I have a PHP Powered website, in which i want to integrate this openfire for chat among members of the website.So i would like to know how i can code up a web client tailored for my project needs.My basic need would be like inivite to chat,chat accept/reject,chatting,blocking user,remove chat user.Can anybody tell me as from where i could start.Any API Page/Documentation Links/Discussion Thread would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



I would guess that you would want the chat client to be in Javascript? If so I use http://strophe.im/. There are loads of examples online that should get you started using Openfire’s BOSH manager

You can use Strophe for the actual messaging from the client side. If you want to communicate with the Openfire server from the back-end you could use http://hxmpp.disktree.net/ or http://code.google.com/p/xmpphp/.

Things like creating and managing chat rooms are done with xmpp stanza’s which you can send from your back-end. If you want to create XMPP-users check the HTTP plugin, it provides a REST-api.

Take a look at a simple minichat call Prodromus


It based on Strophe and works very well with Openfire 3.7.2 alpha which has support for CORS. You don’t need to do any URL forwarding and can host your web application on any server/domain and directly access the Openfire BOSH Manager from a different server/domain.