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I found here already something from 2018, and today 2023 still acute. You can not send pictures, no files or voice messages. Can anyone help me?

Ich habe hier schon was von 2018 gefunden, und heute 2023 immer noch akktuell. Man kann keine Bilder versenden, keine Dateien oder Sprachnachrichten. Kann mir wer helfen?

PC: Jitsi
Smartphone: xabber beta.

There are various options available in Openfire to send data. The most commonly used feature by clients nowadays is offered by the Http File Upload Plugin for Openfire. Try installing that plugin!

This is installed, unfortunately without success. When sending always appears:
Cloud not upload any file

Without more detailed messages, it is hard to identify what’s going wrong. Assuming that your client supports the protocol, a common cause for failure is using a TLS certificate that does not properly cover the hostname of the server that is running Openfire. This is a guess, though. You should try to find more diagnostic information in the client’s log files, and in Openfire’s logs.

Which client is recommended for Windows?
and for the smartphone?

Here is the mega big log :slight_smile: I have now only the latest part attached.

openfire.log (9,2 MB)

Video call is ok (Jitsi Desktop). Files not ok :frowning: hm mp3 Sending yes, Pic and Files not :-/
I don’t understand why I can send mp3 files, but not pictures and other files.

Your instance of Openfire is configured to use the value of localhost as the XMPP domain name. This will cause problems, as it cannot be routed over the internet.

If you use localhost as your domain name, then your TLS certificates will be, at best, self-signed (meaning that they are unlikely to be recognized/accepted by third party software).

You should have a proper XMPP domain name value. It is easiest to give it the same name as what is used to reach the server that is running Openfire over the network (eg: example.org). If you cannot use the fully qualified domain name of the computer that is running Openfire as an XMPP domain name, then you will need to setup DNS SRV records to map between the domain name and its hosts.

Done, but now new error. And whether I can send files so pictures, I have not yet tested now

No DNS SRV record was found for this host.

What kind do I need to create?

This screenshot suggests that your XMPP domain name is still localhost.

Ne, is on the domain, after all, pictures and voice messages go under smartphones now. PC can but only receive, not send to smartphones.

hmh I can only make video call etc in own WLAN/LAN, And above the localhost, can’t change it any way


I have reinstalled it on another server, and specified the domain etc… Does not work either.

I need help, or another plugin.

  • Video call
  • Screen transmission

openfire (1).log (48,6 KB)

Good morning As far as I know, the log is from the last attempted call.

I have the thing now on 3 servers, one is open, all ports etc, no firewall, it doesn’t work there either. It is a software error of the manufacturer. If you google, the error ICE ERROR goes back to the year 2014, and was never fixed.

If no one has a solution, we have to work with WhatsAPP again :-(. I hate WhatsAPP :slight_smile:
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hmm Help?

I have reinstalled it on another server, and specified the domain etc… Does not work either.

Dito :frowning:

Hello friend, I have problems with Openfire can you help me