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Pick a name, win a tshirt!

Hi all,

We’'re starting up a new incubator project to provide improved scalability in Jive Messenger. There are a few parts to this project:

  • Create connection manager/core router implementations. The connection managers are simple slave servers to the core router that have many client connections that get aggregated to a single connection for the core router.

  • Document an improved component protocol that allows for connection managers.

More information can be found in the following message:


One of the first steps in this project is choosing a great name. So, I’'m proposing the following contest:

  • Choose a theme for jivesoftware.org code names. Themes make it easier to choose new names and make all the projects feel like they are related. Note, this are code names and not actual product names. As an example, Sun uses animals as code names for new Java releases. Kestrel, Tiger, Dolphin, etc.

  • Choose a specific name for this project using the theme you came up with.

The winner will be sent a Jive tshirt. Ideas will be collected in this thread. If there are a few community favorites, we’'ll post a poll to decide the final winner.



I always like the name of painters: e.g. picasso or salvador

Another more rocking theme would include rock bands: queen, kiss, etc. But I think this is a little bit dangerous because of potential lawyer letters So I would propose the good ol’’ painters.


I few ideas come to mind:

Bridges are always fun: GW, Brooklyn, Queens, Triboro, Verzono (I’'m from Brooklyn, waddya expect ). They also fit into the whole theme of messaging.

Languages: American, Spanish, Puruvian, German, Hindi, etc.

Old Atari/Commodore64 games (limited to one word): Frogger, Airwolf, Jimbo www.classicgaming.com/area64/



How about a theme based on winds?

a few come to mind - Sirocco - Africa, Bora - Balkans, Mistral - france, Chinook - america, Levante - North Africa/Spain, Pampero - Argentina.

and if you run out of famous winds you can always go to “jet stream”, “trade wind”, “wind”, “hotair”

Its a nice link to XMPP, wind is often associated with talking, rumours etc and its a global theme…in the words of Donald Pealtie (American author and biologist) 1898-1964 “the wind is the oldest voice in the world”!



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Conor : mixed up a wind!

boar is very good !

because of big to small !

Nice ideas so far! I especially like the winds and Atari games (would we get into copyright trouble, though?). Anybody else with ideas or feedback?


I like the name Sage[/b] which I thought for a long time was just a shrub. But it turns out that it has url=http://answers.com/sageanother meaning[/url]: One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.[/i]

So working in reverse order from the name I like, how about using plant names as your project/product names? If I was a plant buff, I’‘d offer up more suggestions, but I’'m not. Between all the scientific and common names out there, you could have names for hundreds of projects.

+1 for winds.

How about names of different coffee based drinks? Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc.

If not, names of winds would get my vote.


Maybe rivers, which are like veins of Earth and like connections between lakes, seas and oceans. It also contains such meanings like streams and channels, which are very close to Jabber There are a lot of rivers out there so you’'ll never run out of names. Mississippi, Parana, Volga, Amazon, Amur, Neris (at my city), Thames, Seine etc. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River)

the name for project based on theme is maybe be one of biggest rivers which collects streams of big number of smaller rivers: Nile, Ganges. Cant figure the best name. It should be short and pronounced clearly.

P.S. winds rocks!

Hi everybody,

my proposal it is name may blossom,example for ‘‘Rhododendron,rose,peony,clubs…’’.

bloom is beautiful matter:)

P.S. i like river name is Yangtse,it is a big and beautiful river.

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone for the great ideas! Based on general feedback, we’‘re going to go with Conor’‘s great idea of using wind names. And, in honor of Gato’'s home country of Argentina the scalability project will be Pampero.

Conor, I’'ll send you an email to get the tshirt specs.



A few other winds:

Harmattan: http://mediatheek.thinkquest.nl/~ll118/en/development/types.list.harmattan.html

Brickfielder: http://mediatheek.thinkquest.nl/~ll118/en/development/types.list.brickfielder.ht ml

Zonda: http://mediatheek.thinkquest.nl/~ll118/en/development/types.list.zonda.html

Coromell: http://mediatheek.thinkquest.nl/~ll118/en/development/types.list.coromell.html

And a bunch of others:


There are also the “Trade Winds.” The counter to the hot and muggy Kona winds of Hawaii

t-shirt received today!

Thanks everyone!