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Pidgin and Miranda cannot connect - Not Authorized

My server was initially installed with v. 3.8.2. Then I installed Miranda on some clients, Psi and Pidgin on others. Everything worked fine since.

I had to install latest Pidgin and Miranda as some clients got new computers and none of them can connect anymore to their old accounts, or new test accounts I am trying to create. The error is ‘Not Authorized’ in all cases. Spark works fine, but we cannot use Spark as we do not have all time in universe to figure out voice support and clients want to do voice calls. Are there any plans to fix ‘Not Autorized’ error?

Pidgin 2.10.7 starts logging in, finds SSL encryption, offers to accept/reject self-signed certificate, then once accepted stalls for a couple seconds and disables account due to ‘Not Autorized’. Miranda 10.x does the same thing.