Pidgin clients cannot connect to Openfire 3.7.0 (SSL handshake error)

Hi All,

I’ve installed Openfire 3.7.0 successfully on an OpenIndiana oi_148 x86 box. On a private home LAN, I cannot successfully connect from Pidgin clients running on either Windows XP nor Ubuntu to the Openfire server.

For example, on Ubuntu 11.04 using Pidgin v2.7.11, I have configured Pidgin to use secure connections. In Openfire, I have enabled mandatory secure client connections. All host and server connections are configured with IP addresses, no DNS. This is a configuration I have used many times in the past with earlier versions of Openfire for testing without problems.

When then attempting to connect with Pidgin using an XMPP account, the client will sit for several minutes with a status of “connecting”, and then eventually time out with an “SSL Handshake Error” message. The behaviour is consistent.

I have enabled debugging in both Openfire and Pidgin version v2.7.11 - I have attached these as recorded during a single attempted connection. I would be grateful if someone could give me a pointer as to what might be the issue, or if it has been seen before.

For information, Spark 2.6.3 on Linux and Windows can connect just fine, using the same settings as in Pidgin. Ditto connecting from Jappix running on the same host. The host is not firewalled either. On Windows I have attempted to connect with Pidgin v2.9.0, without success (same behaviour as described above).


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After recently upgrading my server to OpenIndiana oi_151a x86, I can now log in to Openfire from Pidgin apparently without problem. No idea what this was about, some esoteric bug or misconfiguration at a guess was rectified in the OS upgrade.