Ping using 7070 http-bind port?

I am trying to use the Idle connection function(to disconnect user after a certain amount of time) and ping client using strophe-ping plugin.

But both doesnt seem to be working. The idle connection does not disconnect after the set time(always disconnect after 2/3 mins), and neither do i receive ping from the ping plugin.

I am wondering would it be because i am using the 7070 http-bind instead of 5222 client to server port??

I am using strophe.js to connect so i use the 7070 port, and when i try to use the 5222, it doesnt work at all, not sure if thats the Java port.

My xmpp.client.idle is already set to 20, and set to true. But i can’t get the idle disconnect to work. It does disconnect but takes a very long time. And i can’t ping any client, they seem to be not receiving a ping.

Or is it that i can’t do it on a Localhost??? I have been stuck on it for a day…

Idle policy is in ms, so to set it to say 10 seconds one has to put 10000 in there.

Testing on separate machines (at least virtual ones) is of course better as it is closer to real world scenario, and doing all on localhost can have some side efects. Especially in your case with a web client.

Yer i tested it with 2000 and 10, test it with different values. But i guess i will switch it over to an EC2 instance and test it to see if thats the problem. As with the strophe ping plugin, the receiving client isnt getting anything, nothing coming through from the RAWInput.

Hi, sorry i am pretty new to Openfire, i added in the Debug and the RAWInput, i am just wondering if you can briefly explain what it means.

For the Ping, i am receiving this below, i am not sure if they are just letting me know that my Ping has been sent? Or if that is the Pong back( as it says it is “from” the JID that i sent the ping to).

But the problem is that account i pinged isnt connected, if that is the pong coming back… why is it coming back if that account isnt connected…

And in the account that i pinged, i should see some RAWInput right? Because i am not seeing any RAWInput at the moment in the account that i pinged.(So i am assuming nothing is going through)




Sorry, can’t help with that. As i said in the other thread i’m not a developer and i don’t understand xmpp packets well.

No problem, i will do some research on it, hopefully someone can explain it briefly for me, as i am pretty confused.