PingManager min timeout of 2 mins & documentation question

In SMACK Version: 4.4.6 (4.4.6-4.4 2022-06-29)

I want to understand why does smack use a timeout which is MIN(2 minutes, connection_timeout) ?

Code snippet:

final long minimumTimeout = TimeUnit.MINUTES.toMillis(2);
final long connectionReplyTimeout = connection.getReplyTimeout();
final long timeout = connectionReplyTimeout > minimumTimeout ? connectionReplyTimeout : minimumTimeout;

Also in documentation for SetPingInterval it says:
“If the ping fails after 3 attempts waiting the connections reply timeout for an answer, then the ping failed listeners will be invoked.”
I did not find this to be true , used a pingInterval of 3 minutes and got pingFailed after 2 minutes instead of 6 minutes. [My connection timeout was 2 minutes]

Context: PingManager in Smack library