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PingManager questions

After having a look at PingManager, there are some interesting details I’d like to know more about:

  1. It will attempt to ping the server three times in a row, with 1s between. Why is that needed, as opposed to just sending one ping? It’s not like the additional traffic will somehow add more pressure to the connection :wink:

  2. By default, PingManager will ping the server every 30 minutes (with three pings), but it won’t perform any action if those pings time out / throw exceptions. I understand how this is useful to keep the connection running, but it is inconsisten w.r.t. the configuration: either you shouldn’t ping by default and let the client enable pinging and provide a handler, or you should have a default action that resets the connection when no handlers are registered by the client.

I think that it will (under certain circumstances and implementation dependent, of course).

For example If a TCP packet containing a single ping gets lost, sending another ping means that you possibly don’t have to wait until the TCP state machines ack timeout for the first ping packet kicks in.

I am sorry but I do not see what the problem with the current behavior is.

I’m not sure about that. TCP is full of black magic, and I don’t dare making predictions based on that any more. However, I’d rather like to make that number default to one, and be configurable for the paranoid folks like you :wink:

As I said: you are pinging but not doing anything on a ping failure. It would make more sense to have an auto-reconnect-resume attempt when you discover you are ping-timeouted; or not to ping at all by default.

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