Please add QQTransport in Spark GateWay Plugin

QQ is the Most IM in China . So I suggest Spark Dev to add QQTransport in Spark.

1.plaease add key into

Added key: ‘message.enter.qq’

Added key: ‘title.qq.registration’


message.enter.qq= Enter your QQ Number and password below.

title.qq.registration = QQ Account Credentials

Chinese Simplified (

message.enter.qq= \u8bf7\u8f93\u5165\u60a8\u7684 QQ \u53f7\u7801\u548c\u5bc6\u7801

title.qq.registration = QQ \u8d26\u6237\u51ed\u8bc1

Chinese Traditional (

message.enter.qq= \u8acb\u8f38\u5165\u60a8\u7684 QQ \u865f\u78bc\u548c\u5bc6\u78bc

title.qq.registration = QQ \u5e33\u6236\u6191\u8b49

2.please add qq icon into images:

the icon file is:

3.Please add icon key into


QQ_TRANSPORT_ACTIVE_IMAGE = images/qq_online.gif

QQ_TRANSPORT_INACTIVE_IMAGE = images/qq_offline.gif

4.QQTransport implements Transport

the code is :

package org.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.plugin.gateways.transports; import; import org.jivesoftware.resource.Res; import javax.swing.Icon; import javax.swing.ImageIcon; import org.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.plugin.gateways.transports.*; public class QQTransport implements Transport {     //   public static final String QQ_TRANSPORT_ACTIVE_IMAGE =     //           "QQ_TRANSPORT_ACTIVE_IMAGE";     //   public static final String QQ_TRANSPORT_INACTIVE_IMAGE =     //           "QQ_TRANSPORT_INACTIVE_IMAGE";     org.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.plugin.gateways.GatewayPlugin gg;     org.jivesoftware.spark.SparkManager gga;     private String serviceName;     public QQTransport(String serviceName) {         this.serviceName = serviceName;         System.out.println(this.getIcon()); ;         System.out.println(this.getInactiveIcon());     }     public String getTitle() {         return "QQ ????";         //  return Res.getString("title.qq.registration");     }     public String getInstructions() {         return "?????QQ??????";         // return Res.getString("message.enter.qq");     }     public Icon getIcon() {         final String iconURI = "/images/qq_online.gif";         try {             final URL imageURL = //getClass().getClassLoader().                     //getSystemClassLoader().getResource(                     getClass().getResource(iconURI);             return new ImageIcon(imageURL);         } catch (Exception ex) {             System.out.println(iconURI + " not found.");         }         return null;         //return SparkRes.getImageIcon(QQ_TRANSPORT_ACTIVE_IMAGE);     }     public Icon getInactiveIcon() {         final String iconURI = "/images/qq_offline.gif";         try {             final URL imageURL = //Thread.class.getClassLoader().                     // getSystemClassLoader()                     getClass().getResource(                             iconURI);             return new ImageIcon(imageURL);         } catch (Exception ex) {             System.out.println(iconURI + " not found.");         }         return null;         //return SparkRes.getImageIcon(QQ_TRANSPORT_INACTIVE_IMAGE);     }     public String getServiceName() {         return serviceName;     }     public String getName() {         return "QQ";     }     public void setServiceName(String serviceName) {         this.serviceName = serviceName;     }     public Boolean requiresUsername() {         return true;     }     public Boolean requiresPassword() {         return true;     }     public Boolean requiresNickname() {         return false;     } }

5…Please add this code into GatewayPlugi’s populateTransports method

else if (entityName.endsWith(“qq.”)) {

QQTransport qqTransport = new QQTransport(item.getEntityID());

TransportUtils.addTransport(item.getEntityID(), qqTransport);


Then ,we can see that like:

If you like it ,I can post my QQTransport Code for OpenFire GateWay Plugin:

for more info , please see my blog:

Howdy! Regarding the QQTransport for the IM Gateway plugin. First off, yes, I’d love to see it! Second, is there any way I could get you to set me up with a couple of test accounts to work with and perhaps a walkthrough on how to download the official client? SPARK-947 represents the request to add support into Spark for it. Going to reference this and attach files to it.

You can private message me if you’d rather talk privately about it. (but definitely please private message me if you create me test accounts)

Oh also GATE-415 for the IM gateway plugin.

QQTransport code for Spark,

based on code version svn 9772.

test by me.

please add to svn

I will post QQTransport code for OpenFire after a few days? (34346 Bytes)