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Please...help me, how to use py-msnt?

i’‘ve already installed it and run it on jive.i can see it’‘s in the component sessions. and then i try to register with webreg (http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org/webreg/), but it said that i haven’'t a msn transport?!

webreg output:

Jabber Transport Registration

Now registering your Jabber account with the transport. Please wait, this may take a minute or so

Connecting to your Jabber server…


Got list of available services. Searching for a gateway…

Could not find a MSN Transport on your server. Please contact your server administrator.

There was an error registering you with the MSN Gateway. Please try again later.

py-msn config.xml:

jive system properties:

locale.timeZone Asia/Taipei

register.inband true

register.password hidden

xmpp.auth.anonymous false

xmpp.component.defaultSecret 111111

xmpp.component.socket.active true


xmpp.muc.history.type number

xmpp.session.conflict-limit 0

xmpp.socket.ssl.active true


oh, very thanks~i can use it!