Please help me - Symbian client & VoIP Support for IM

Hello everyone,

I am new to this technology, and have a project where in i am creating an IM using jabber / xmpp protocol, now th server is Openfire(using inbuilt database), and clients will be in j2me, and symbian language.

I am successfully able to comunicate with j2me client (Jabber mix client 1.5.8) and between them too, no support for symbian client, i have found till now and still searching.

My question is does openfire support symbian client? If yes then can i get some reference material or links or tutorials through i can start with the symbian client. If no then which server would bbe able to provide me the support for both the technology.

I also want to implement VoIP feature in my IM now i have no clue at all about it like how to start with it?, what servers would be required? etc, however read an article that Asterisk-im is one of the plugin for Openfire, and Asterisk is one of the servers for VoIP. Am trying to find reference material , i guess not using the correct words to fetch proper results. So any kind of help would be appretiated.

These 2 are the major hurdles, once these get solved i guess ill get a base to which i can start with…

Please help me

thank you.