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Please help the (sad to say at my age) newbie!

Recently I was asked to build and deploy an instant messaging server. After some nights of research I found Jive Messenger. I found it to be (and still do) of particular interest when I learned JM is able to integrate with Asterisk!!! Ok to make a long story short I do not understand the example xml config file at all.

At this time (from the server itself) I can log into localhost with gabber but that is all. I just want to be able to have the server reside on the network and pass messages to client machines.

· Server: Suse9.3.

· Machine Name: linux

· IP:

· Port: 5222

At this point I don’'t care what the client app is but I have tried the following (on XP).


o Pandion

o Gabber

o Trillion

o Exodus

During my fetal attempts to edit the jive_messenger.xml I managed to completely jack up JM. Thank goodness it installs so easily. My question is as follows; is there an example of the jive_messenger.xml file that EXPLICITLY spells out what exactly needs to be edited and or what needs to be appended to get a client from the above list to connect? I just don’t understand the published examples I have seen.



You shouldn’'t need to edit the jive_messenger.xml.

Install Messenger, start it, and browse to http://localhost:9090. Follow the directions from that point. The only time I’'ve had to touch the jive_messenger.xml is when I was modifying the jdbc drivers to test a profiling application.


You shouldn’'t need to edit the jive_messenger.xml.

Unless you’‘re trying to use LDAP or POP3 for your user store. If that’'s the case, let us know and somebody should be able to help you out.

Hope that helps,