Please help to set up wildfire pubsub default value

hello everyone

I just start to write a small pubsub application. The server is the newest wildfire 3.0.1

(1) when a user subsribes a node (created by another user ). the default affiliation value (in table pubsubAffiliation) is ‘‘none’’.

how to set system property to let this value becomes ‘‘publisher’’?

(2) when a node is created, both ‘‘deliverPayloads’’ and ‘‘persistItem’’ values (in table pubsubNode) are ‘‘0’’

how to set up so that they can be ‘‘1’’?

(3) Is there a document telling us which property shoule be modified for change certain default value? I may need to change other default values for other pubsub*** tables.


–Hello dblwood,

There is a discussion on issues you highlighted in

Ops! You had been there.

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