Please help upload latest Openfire (eg .4.6.8, 4.7.5) to Maven Central repository

Hello, it seems the latest release of Openfire modules, for example, xmppserver, in maven centeral repositroy , is 4.7.1 and 4.6.7, which has some vulnerability, can anyone help to update to 4.7.5 and 4.6.8?
I had read this post Openfire 4.3.2 in Maven Central repository, but still don’t know the maven centeral repositroy update policy, how often will we update centeral repository, last time is one year ago. it is very helpful for us to keep centeral repo updated, because some of our projects can only sync maven centeral repositroy for some reasons.

We do not publish Openfire to a Maven repository other than our own. You can typically obtain our dependencies by adding a repository definition like this one in your pom.xml files:

    <name>Ignite Realtime Repository</name>

A complete example of how to use this in an Openfire plugin project can be found here: GitHub - igniterealtime/openfire-exampleplugin: Example Openfire Plugin using Maven build

@guus thanks for quick reply, So the official stable maven repository of Openfire is Collection: /org/igniterealtime/openfire, from whcih we could pull those latest dependencies freely by pom.xml files, or better, setup proxy repository for Collection: /, hence we could run CI pipeline without change source code?

I am not quite sure what you are asking. When in doubt, I suggest that you look at the pom files of the Openfire project. They use the repositories themselves.

Thanks, I aleardy check the pom files, what i mean is that, our projects use repository manage software, we could porxy repostiory of Openfire project, without changing pom files or settings file of our projects. Thanks a lot for confirming the correct repository.

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