Please help with vCards

I want the server reconfigured so that a client fetching a roster, get’'s each of his contacts vCard right after getting his rosteritem, i mean whenever the roster is requested the rosteritems are sent to the requester, but i want to send the vCard related to that rosteritem after sending each rosteritem in the roster.

thaks in advance


Hey Karimzai,

According to JEP-0054: vcard-temp vCards are meant to be requested from the client and not pushed from the server. In other words, even if you change Wildfire to push (i.e. send without being requested) vcards to clients I’'m not sure how clients are going to handle those packets.

A safer approach would be for the client to request the vCard of the contacts that were returned in the roster. Anyway, that is how clients usually implement it. So I’'m wondering why is it that you need to push users vcards instead of letting the client request them.


– Gato

I guess most clients request them anyways for getting the user’‘s avatar image. (the one I’'m writing does that at least)

Please don’'t mess with the specs!

Ok for example a user has 200 friends in his roster, if he wants to request all of the friends vcards, he will have to send request to each of the JID, that makes about 6 Kilo bytes of data that will be sent to the server from a single client to request just for vcards.

is there anyway to request all of your friends vcards with sending a single request to the server.