Please, implement support of Firebird SQL Server in Openfire!

As far as I understand, the only thing is to indclude JDBC Driver to distribution (Windows version, and other OS too).

Please, help.

You only need to get the libraries for Jaybird

scroll down for latest (2.1.3), and put it (jaybird-full-2.1.3.jar) in Openfires lib directory. You may need to copy the libraries in jaybirds lib directory aswell.

They already adjusted the database scheme to cater to Firebird! No big deal

Thanks for the answer

I have copied all jar files from Jaybird distribution to OF lib directory.

after database connection phase I recieve an error:

“Unable to load the specified JDBC driver. Please verify the name of the driver is correct and that the driver is in the classpath of this server (usually the ‘lib’ directory). If you add a driver to your classpath you will neeed to restart the server.”

As far as I understand, JDBC driver must be declared or initialized…

What I’m doing wrong?

Note that Openfire needs a restart to see the new libraries.

The driver name/class is org.firebirdsq.jdbc.FBDriver

and your database url will look something like jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3050:/path/to/database.fdb

Thanks to all who answered my first question!

The Problem is solved, connection is established, Server is working properly.

The problem was in config lines:

especially in two last of them.

FireBird was not able to execute test query “select 1” …

Changing true to false solved the problem.

Thanks for All !!!

P.S. If script for Database creation under Firebird is needed feel free to ask!