Please is there any cluster feature support in future release

Hello every one

, Very glad to join this community. I’m new and just starting research on OpenFire,

It seems the java-language and simple-to-use properties of OpenFire attract me much, cause

I’m planning to do some specific modification based on Openfire. But in the end, I find that

the lack of clustering support may cause much problems on “high-performance” and “scalability”.

And this may lead to failure of my current project planning. I browsed over all the related topics here but

just to find no way out.

Some guys said he’ve already started implementation of clustering using other framework such as zook…or

JGroup, but seems no updated news till now. Could anyone please give me some help about the proprobal

status of clustering support of OpenFire in future? Will any doable plugins implemented by some

member comes out ?

or the Jive would have such cluster supporting feature plan in later release?

Greatly thanks!