Please provide current link to red5.war

hello all!

I am building my own chat server using openfire. It it istalled on centos 6 x386 and runs great. I have 3 windows pc’s using spark as a client and can private chat (like skype) and in rooms.

I need to add voice and video. I saw in the forums to DL red5.war and install in /plugins folder. It does not show in the admin plugins page. Comments say to get the “new” one, but all the links i can find go to broken links.

Can someone provide a link for the red5.war file that will work on openfire 3.7.1?

I really need to replace skype, and openfire seemed like the best choice. I just cannot find the files to add in audio and video.


I was able to get the correct file thank you. Now, I was going to ask for a suggestion on how to ger the video chat working between two people, but I figured out I needed to insert the redfire-plugin.jar file on my windows pc’s in the openfire folder.

Now all I need to do is have someone else try to connect for IM and video caht, then try the conference.

I’m really excited at he progress. Thanks for the help!!