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Please re-update your Openfire/Gateway 1.0.1 install!

Hi folk,

I do not know why this happened, but the build I had put together for 1.0.1 was not the one that was on the Openfire plugins page. Instead, it was something based off trunk at the time, which has a -lot- of problems as it’‘s “right in the middle” of big updates/changes that I’‘m working on. It’'s easy to tell if you have the busted version. If you see Google Talk and XMPP Transports available, then you have the busted version. Please redownload gateway.jar from the Openfire plugins page: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp

I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately I don’‘t know why it happened so I can’‘t really say "won’‘t happen again". =/ I can certainly hope it won’'t though! =)



really what? =) (i am quite serious about re-updating your 1.0.1 install, assuming you have the busted one, which is likely unless you still have 1.0.1 from the build I had made)

do we just copy the new .jar over the old one and hope for the best or need to remove/reload?

You should be able to copy the ‘‘new’’ one over the one that’'s there and openfire will recognize the change and automatically extract the new version.


So whilst this was an “accident” it was a nice one! Any hints on when you think the XMPP/GTalk stuff will be ready to go beta/stable?



=) I don’‘t have any particular timeframe. There may be some releases before that support gets added officially, but it’'s coming. Make sure to vote for it in the issue tracker if you are interested!


Thanks for the advice. I voted! It wasn’'t immediately clear (there is so much going on in that jira tracker!) what was top of the voted for list. Any pointers on where to find that sort of information.

Also is this the sort of thing that you’‘d like support from the community for? I’'m not unfamiliar with the jabber protocol and with the smack library so might be able to contribute to the work.



Click on “Popular issues”


As for XMPP/GTalk support, at the moment someone has already written a good deal of the support, we’'re just working out the little contributor agreement hooey before I can accept the code. =)