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Please suggest better and reliable option for voice & video call

Dear all,

I had implemented openfire server [3.7.1] in our organization. and presently we are using jisti as a client. but we are facing lots of problems with jisti like not support and user can change logs and settings. initially we used spark it was very good but it does not support Pc to Pc calls calls and video calls by default. we were used spark_2_6_3 and configured stun setting on all systems and enable stun server setting on server side. then call button appear on spark windows but when we tried to make a call we got several errors as like. [voice call not established, or call closed remote side]. some times it will connect to pc but voice quality was poor [means it give some noise].

can any one guide/suggest me what i do? i want to use voice and video calls via spark client. we don’t want to record [archive] of calls[both video, voice]. how i can archive this. any suggestion greatly appreciated.