Please tell me something about Jabber Component Protocol

thanks for your accessing.

I will develop a connection manager to solve the question, and the connection manager must use

Jabber Component Protocol ( XEP-0114 ) to connect with jabber server.

But now, there is not much information to introduce the Jabber Component Protocol except XEP-0114 which

don’'t tell me much particular thing, so that it is too hard to develop the connection manager.

Mainly, I have not understood how to use the XML Schemas refered in Jabber Component Protocol ( XEP-

0114 ) in program. For example, how to use the jabber:component:accept.

I gape after helping .

if you know where there is much imformation about the Jabber Component Protocol ,

please tell me, or introduce more particularly for me ,

thank you!

Hey 5jxiang,

Not sure what you mean by Connection Manager so we could be using the same word with different meanings. Wildfire provides its own Connection Managers. Follow the previous link to learn what we refer by Connection Managers.

Moreover, we also have available a library that you can use to run your external components. The library is called Whack. There is no official release for it but we have been using it for our integration with Clearspace and it works great.


– Gato

Hi ,dombiak_gaston ,

thank you very much!

I want to develop a web server , which use the Jabber Component Protocol to connect with wildfire or other

jabber server ,therefore, I would like to learn how to use the Jabber Component Protocol in program.

could you give me some advice??


Hey 5jxiang,

One thing you can try is downloading the Whack source code and see how it works. It even provides a weather external component as a sample.

If you are planning to have XMPP web clients then I would suggest checking for our super cool new Ajax library for XMPP. It will be released in February.


– Gato

thank you!

I have installed the sample named weather and configured the whack,

After running the sample ,it have connected with wildfire.

but now,I don’'t very understand what can the component do for us.

for example:

can the component help us to send message and receive message from IM users?

could you tell me what the function of a component is?