Plugin Archiv - database problem


I have a problem with the Monitoring Service plugin.
In “Archiving” tab conversations are not visible.
In the “Archiving settings” tab, after clicking Rebuild Index, I get the info: Rebuilding is -1% complete.
Rebuild stops at ~512 MB and Openfire service crashes (clients disconnected, admin GUI works fine).
Can I ask for a hint?



Hi All

Having the same/similar issue here on a linux system.
It does show current names of people sending IMs back and forth but can not see the content of the conversations.
In the Archiving Settings it always shows “Search Indexes are rebuilding” but bottom of page shows “Rebuilding is -1% complete”
If i click on Rebuild Index it changes to 0% for a second or 2 but goes back to -1%

I have tried removing the plugin and re installing. Also doing it and removing the “monitoring” directories in the plugins dir and root dir. Also have increased mem to 2048 via the “/etc/sysconfig/openfire” config file parameter OPENFIRE_OPTS="-Xmx2048m"

Thank You

Can you try again with the recently released version 2.4.1 of the Service Monitor plugin please?

I’m having the exact same issue with plugin version 2.4.1

Is this the same issue: Lucene indices are being rebuilt (without end) · Issue #249 · igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin · GitHub ?

If it is the same, then this problem is mostly cosmetic, and can probably be ignored safely.