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Plugin as a service


Is it possibe to implement a plugin as an extra service, such that clients can discover the service and register for this service? is it possible to do this for a plugin? or does a component have to be used?

If it is design a plugin as an extra service (as opposed to simply extra server features available to all users of the server), how does one use this plugin for this purpose (and only allow certain registered users of the service to access the plugin)?




the search plugin seems to be such a plugin. Did you read http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-dev -guide.html ?

“… Register a plugin as a Component. Components receive all packets addressed to a particular sub-domain. …”

You may create a “manage” jsp page for the admin console to define access control lists.


How do you register a plugin as a component?


do you want me to copy some sample code out of an existing plugin or do you want a link to the Javadocs?

addComponent(subdomain, component);

should work fine.



Could someone tell me how to get the used instance of componentmanager ?

I did exactly as you described above. I’‘m able to receive all the messages sent to my component, yet on the client side, I cannot see my component as one of the services (I tried many clients; they all give the same result). It’'s like the server is never informing the client of the existence of this service. How can I solve this problem?

Thank you

FischeFr wrote:

Could someone tell me how to get the used instance of componentmanager ?

Isn’'t that a singleton? afair it should be one … and there should be a method called getInstance or similar

Thanks, I found it

It’'s InternalComponentManager.getInstance()