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plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers = open by default?!

Uhm, isn’'t it a bit of a “bad design” to open the broadcast service by default to everybody (instead of e.g. every admin).

Or am I the only one seeing it as a bit of a problem?

Would be a nice way to spam people…

yes i will love that… since i have so many issue…abt broadcast



I found this a bit unnessicary as well, and when i tried to restrict it to only administrators, i find the settings i input (from the readme for the plugin) do not work.

I have the following:

plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers jason,lorne,josh

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed false

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions false

If anyone knows what i’‘m missing, i’'d appreciate some input,


Any movement on this issue? I am still unable to restrict access to the broadcast function.

my settings are the same as above… i’d like only allow broadcasts by OF administrators and admins of each perticular group we use… But these settings make absolutely no change in the security of broadcast.

my settings:

plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers josh

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions false

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed false

latest stable openfire, spark and broadcast plugin…


Hey Josh,

You need to specify the bare JID of users and not just their username. So instead of setting josh you have to set something josh@myserver.com where myserver.com needs to be replaced with your XMPP domain.


– Gato

BTW, I clarified in the documentation that users should be specified by their bare JIDs. Thanks for pointing that out.

– Gato

As an administator i see nothing bad that broadcasts are allowed by default. It depends on every deployment. And as this feature was enabled by default for so long time i think it should stay like this, so old users wount be confused why broadcasting stopped to work after server upgrade.

BTW, i dont even use broadcast plugin. Most of the clients has built in broadcast (Exodus, Spark) which you cannot control. Maybe Spark’s broadcast could be controlled by Enterprise Openfire version.