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Plugin build problem

I tried building a plugin in eclipse, I renamed the build.properties.tempalte file in the jive dir to build.properties and I have the line plugin.dev.dir=C:/Documents and Settings/Username/workspace/jiveplugins in it. I made the plugin as eclipse java project and added the files and dirs as in the plugin guide. Then I tried double clicking on plugins in the ant view in eclipse but only the plugins that came with jive source gets built. What am I missing?

I copied it to the jive source folder and it works, but is it possible to build plugins from eclipse workspace?

There should be ant target named plugin. It takes a property called “plugin” which is the name or directory of your plugin. This will build it for you and place it in the target directory so it can be deployed.

The steps to get this to work are as follows:

Open the build/build.xml in messenger.

Make sure the outline view is present. You should see the plugin target.

Right click on the target and select Run As External Tool.

Go to the properties tab in the dialog box. (you might have to scroll the tabs over).

Click “Add Property” and fill in name: plugin value:

Now you should be able to run this whenever you need to deploy your plugin (you’'ll also need to restart your server for good measure).