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Plugin dependency

Has anyone ever thought of a way to structure inter-plugin dependencies? We’'re developing plugins that, ideally, make use of other plugins to run.

I’‘m trying to create a framework in which certain plugins won’‘t be enabled before another plugin is loaded. We’‘ll have to work around situations in which the root plugin gets un-/reloaded as well as well as prevent dependency-loops, and there are probably other situations that’'ll arise. Anyone ever given this some thoughts?

Hi Guus,

Anyone ever given this some thoughts?

Yes, and there is already a solution that you might be able to use. Plugins can have parent plugins which you specify in the pluign.xml file. To quote the Plugin Developer Guide[/url], When a plugin has a parent plugin, the parent plugin’'s class loader will be used instead of creating a new class loader. This lets plugins work together more closely. A child plugin will not function without its parent present.[/i]

I’‘m not sure what would happend in case of when the root/parent plugins gets un-/reloaded but it’'s a starting point.

Hope that helps,


I completely missed that part. Thanks Ryan!