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Plugin Development Environment Setup


I want to learn how to develop plugins for Openfire, so I’m trying to copy the MOTD plugin example given in the documentation. I’m using IntelliJ as my IDE. Can anyone point me at instructions on how/what to set up to make it generate a plugin that I could then install on my Openfire test server?



We have a handy tutorial for that: Openfire: Plugin Developer Guide

Yes, I saw that. I’m still working through it. Thanks.

I’m very new at development and am having trouble understanding many of the things in that article. It would be great if there was a step-by-step for dummies.

This would be counter-productive. Dummies sould be attending courses for dummies and not every software accomodating their documentation for novice developers

On this page…


This link is broken:


So, I can’t download and view the source that the tutorial is based on.

No further articles on the subject seem to have been written, and these are from 2007.

Nobody want to write articles. Here’s the link to the source Openfire/src/plugins/motd at master · igniterealtime/Openfire · GitHub