Plugin development - which direction to go?


I’m new to openfire and its development. I am deploying an openfire server for my team, with spark / sparkweb clients.

I have needs that i think are not covered in the base installation / existing plugins, therefore I think of developing something:

I would like a new chatroom to be created with a custom name (based on the date) every day, all the team members should be invited (if connected, and if not, the chatroom should be added to the client bookmarks with auto join activated). The chatroom from the previous day should be destroyed at the creation of the next one.

Additionally, I would like the history of those chatrooms to be saved in a file that I could then make accessible to everyone.

I am just looking for some basic directions. For example, should I delve into whack or any other openfire additional API, or is the openfire API enough? Could a bot fulfill those objectives? Any advice?

Thank you very much in advance.


Would anyone be able to help ?

Wouldnt be easier to just have one static room, that can be renamed every day? At the same time, you can do a dump of chatroom and clear the log.

That’s an option. I don’t know if it would be simpler, as I don’t know the API and the available possibilities.

You can set to store messages and rooms in SQL database. It should be easy to go from there.

Which API should I use for all that ? I don’t want to start with one just to find out that I need another …

You dont need that. It can be done by simply configuring the server. ration-guide.html

For information, I’m currently creating a bot using the Smack API, that provides pretty much everything I need.