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Plugin for the user profile. Is there one?

Good afternoon. There is an OpenFire server (old version 3.10.2) and QiP Infium. Is there a plugin for editing a user profile, with which you can add, for example, a phone number, a position, etc.

This picture is the creation of a new user…

This picture is a User edit…
I can’t add a second file. There are also no fields for adding any personal information

QiP Infium has the ability to edit user data, but this is only local…the data will be visible only on one computer, on which the data was edited in QiP Infium. And you need to massively! On the server, I edited it, clicked Apply, and all users ’ edits were uploaded. There are more than 100 users on the network.

Can you tell me or advise me something? = (
Thank you!!!