Plugin: HTTP File Upload AdminPanel?

I love the new Plugin “HTTP File Upload”, but i miss a possibility for Configuration.
I would like to change the maximum filesize on more than 5MB.
I would like the possibility to change the store folder or path.

So my question is, is there a plan to bring a setuppossibility for this Plugin?

Thanks in advance…

Greetz, Echse…

The HTTP File Upload plugin is still very new, so I suspect that there will be a configuration page in the future, especially since configurability of the file size has been requested before.

Where are the files being stored. I am unable to locate them and is unaware of the fact if any path is to be specified.

Files are stored in OS temporary files folder. Exact location depends on the OS you use and in Windows case also depends on what user Openfire process is running with.

Note that in future versions, you can configure the plugin to use a specific directory and eviction policy.

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