Plugin recommendation

I just installed 3.6.0 and was looking through the plugins and would like to try them if they are going to add functionality to my server. What plugins are recommended to use with Openfire?

I would make the question the other way around. Do you have any particular needs that you need to cover? Once you know what you need you can know which plugins you might need.

There is an official list of plugins here and an Non-Jive Openfire Pluginsdocumente that you might want to use.


– Gato

Every plugin has a description link near its name. So you can read about the usage of every plugin.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m wondering if I need the Client Control plugin. I’m going to have about 300-500 users but only 1 server so do what would I use this for? Any suggestions?

300-500 users is small potatoes for openfire depending on the server hardware. I would suggest the subscription plugin, at the very least. The Client control plugin has some nice benefits, such as restricting other clients, disabling update notifications, etc.

We use Presence Service plugin to show presence status of every user on our intranet page near their contacts. Also, IM Gateway to have all legacy networks in one client. Monitoring Service - well, that’s just for fun It’s sometimes useful to have a picture of daily server load etc.