Plugin repository port (behind firewall/NTLM proxy)

What port or protocol does Spark use to contact the plugin repository? Is there anywhere to download these plugins from outside Spark? I checked the downloads page, but there’s only a link for OpenFire plugins, not Spark ones.

I believe it’s simply HTTP, but the client does not use proxy settings, or authenticate.

I generally just use the ISA Client which does it for me (I assume your NTLM proxy is ISA?)

We’re using squid 2.5 which authenticates against an AD group using NTLM.

I’ve found I can get an instant failure if I enter some details into the Advanced - Proxy section, but then I assume there’s no NTLM suppott? Would SSO resolve this?

Anyone use SSO in an NTLM proxy environment? Would it resolve this? Is it possible to host your own repository and direct the client to it?

The certificate for is wrong, you must create a rule to bypass checking certificates for this domain.