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Plugin search on Openfire Server

HI all,

Is it possible to configure Spark to search availables plugins on Openfire Server?

When I use availables plugins tab in Spark, it try to bind DNS entry “www.igniterealtime.org”, then “www.igniterealtime.org.mydomain.com”, but send back error because my domain is not connected to Internet.

So my question is : is there a configuration for openfire server to enable Spark client to download plugins from it?

For connection, maybe create alias “www.igniterealtime.org.mydomain.com” in DNS, or add a text field in Spark to enter the name of the domain host where spark can find plugins). But I don’'t where I can place spark plugins in Openfire. Is somebody has never done it? Is it possible? Is it a good idea for improvement?

The own of my question is to allow clients to add plugin without have to copy/paste .jar files in plugins directory (cause they aren’‘t allowed to do it with my security policy). Administrators can do it, but for 600 computers, it’'s maybe little boring for them…

thanks a lot!


Hi Deamonyx,

as Spark runs with the permissions of the user it will probably not be able to write plugins there. I don’'t know how you did install Spark on all clients but the same procedure should work fine with plugins.

As far as I know you just need a web server which serves an XML file, so if you can set up a DNS entry for “www.igniterealtime.org.mydomain.com” and a web server this could help you.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/updater/plugins.jsp should be a good example where to place the XML file, how to name it and of course which content is needed.