Plugin to restrict abuse of file transfer service

i would like to build a plugin to restrict abnormal use of the file transfer service. Firstly the plugin will limit the maximum file size transferable between users.

Then the plugin will add a function to automatically blacklist or block a user that transfers file more than a certain number of files. admin will then be given an option of keep the user blocked or removing the user fron the blacklist or list of users blocked.

i will hopefully build a screenshot of what the plugin should add to the admin console. The current attached file only show the 1st part of the plugin in which limit abuse by :

  1. Restricting file tranfer service to specific user groups

  2. Limiting the size of the file transfareable through the file transfer proxy service

Did you already setup an IDE with Openfire?

A file transfer disabler plugin and a packet filter plugin does already exist, so you could take a look at them.