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Plugin Tools Recomendation

We are using Wildfire in a Windows environment.

What are folks using for plugin develpment?

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,

What are folks using for plugin develpment?

It depends on which plugin I’'m working on but I split my time between Windows and OSX. But, I generally prefer OSX, especially since I got a new MacBook Pro :).



Hey Bob,

You can use any IDE that supports Java 1.5. We are using IntelliJ for development and many others out there are using Eclipse.


– Gato

Hi Bob,

Eclipse is fine for Windows, maybe you want to debug your plugins within Eclipse, there’'s even a nice KB[/url] document on how to setup Wifi within Eclipse.


heh. I guess I misunderstood your question. Thanks for covering for me guys.

Thanks for the pointers, I am trying Eclipse for now.


And Netbeans is perfect IDE from Sun