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Plugins Disable

Hello ,
I have already installed spark 2.9.2 in more than 130 PC’s and i want to disable or remove Reversi and TicTacToe from all of them at once. I found the solution to disable it but there are about 130 PC’s and i can’t go through it individually. Help me

If you need to automate this process, you’re often best off with modifying a file, instead of going through the Spark configuration UI.

You can add a line like this to the spark.properties file that exists in the user folder:


All of the plugins listed (comma-separated) will be disabled.


So, Should i go the the mail server where spark is installed and do the above process??.

No, this must be done on every computer. If you have experience with scripting and have an option to run scripts on all machines, you can try appending the line Guus shared to every user’s spark.properties file. Probably on login, because Spark shouldn’t be running or it will overwrite such changes. Another option would be for a script to delete plugin files and folders from both Program Files and user’s profile folder. But this plugin will reappear with the next update, so you will have to run such script again (or all the time). You can also instruct your users to go to File > Plugins and disable plugins they don’t want themselves.

Thanks for your quick response. But the problem is i have to go through every PC which is time consuming and who know in what eternity i would complete it . And all the other PC employees cant understand the whole thing.

If you don’t have an option to run scripts, then there is no other option here.

Can this be solved in next update ??? . It would be a big help if it included in next update of openfire console

I don’t think this can be solved in Openfire, at least not without also updating Spark. The only option that I see is by adding functionality to the ClientControl plugin.

I don’t expect this to be happening anytime soon, unless the required code changes are contributed (do you have Java developer experience?)

I do have some experience in Java Developer but i am no good on developer side. And i am a support type guy. But honestly thank you @guus and @wroot for you suggestions.

In that case, scripting, like wroot suggested, is probably your best bet.

why not give a try using windows batch file and deploy from domain controller on the next start up of clients workstations.
I mean:

  • create a windows batch file that works as per OS (ie win 7 / win8 / win10)
  • Find the location of the property file
  • create a file on server and replace the original with server one or try editing the same file with batch file.

And there you go.
as you are from my locality, you can call me direct in 98609-RATAN

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If your computers are in a domain environment (Active Directory), you can simply create a Group Policy that updates the spark.properties file automatically as each user signs into the network.

Actually in Spark 2.9.4 and Client Control 2.1.6 (both should be released in the coming weeks) there will be an option to disable the games.

You can try this out by installing snapshot versions of Spark and Client Control

Well that is probably the best solution in this situation. I’m glad to hear that Spark and Client Control plugin continues to be developed and improved over time. I think it’s been 3 years now that I worked on this project. Thank you Wroot for all your help along the way!


Oh, i didn’t realize at first who it was :smiley: Hey, Michael. Hope you are doing well. And i’m, glad all the work you did is finally being used :wink:

I like to keep a low profile and fly under the radar! Lol

But I do check in every now and then just to see what’s going on in the community forums and help out in that way if I can since my Java skills have rusted away from neglect!


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