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Plugins missing in .war install

I have two wildfire installs I just switched to war installs (2.5.0). Everything seems to be working except plugins.

I dropped the wildfire_init.xml to point to /var/lib/wildfire with my conf, logs, plugins, and resources directories.

I get logging, and wildfire sees my certs from resources/security so I know the path is working. Plus I see the correct path in the server properties page.

When I reload wildfire using the tomcat manager interface, my plugin jars get un-jar’‘ed but I still can’'t see them from the wildfire plugin admin page. I downloaded the latest plugins (today).

Any ideas, things to check? I’'m just checking to see if anyone is running as a war and has plugins working to see if I screwed-up before I submit a bug.


I use the search presence and broadcast plugins, so they run fine with Tomcat 5.5. $wildfireHome/plugins als the right path, so that’'s not the problem. Maybe you have a problem with permissions, tomcat runs as user tomcat and the directory owner is root?

You may enable the debug log and restart Wifi, the debug log should look like this if you have these plugins:

$date Loading plugin broadcast

$date Loading plugin presence

$date Loading plugin search



Thanks -

I did a closer search of the debug.log and found:

2006.02.24 12:35:38 Extracting plugin: registration

2006.02.24 12:35:38 Extracting plugin: asterisk-im

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Extracting plugin: search

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Extracting plugin: contentfilter

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Extracting plugin: broadcast

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Extracting plugin: userimportexport

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Extracting plugin: presence

2006.02.24 12:35:40 Loading plugin asterisk-im

So, asterisk-im was the only one to load but was not visible in the admin console - could it be that it is the problem?

I deleted the asterisk-im.jar and subdir, then bounced the server and “suprise!” - all of the plugins are available and functional.

So now to look into why the asterisk-im isn’'t working…

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Hi Chris,

2006.02.24 21:43:46 Loading plugin asterisk-im

2006.02.24 21:43:47 Asterisk-IM: Wildfire is using database type : hsqldb

2006.02.24 21:43:47 Asterisk-IM: Using Hibernate Dialect : org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect

2006.02.24 21:43:51 Asterisk-IM: Wildfire is using database type : hsqldb

2006.02.24 21:43:51 Asterisk-IM: Using Hibernate Dialect : org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect


is what I see using the embedded database. If it still locks you may want to create some stack traces while it locks (http://tmitevski.users.mcs2.netarray.com/tracehowtos.do describes this for win and unix) and mail it to a developer.


I can confirm that the asterisk-im and contentFilter plugins are not working correctly in my setup - the presense of the asterisk plugin cause all other plugin load s to fail (probably becuase it get loaded 1st) and the contentFilter plugin displays a blank page in the admin console. I check the bug list and add an item…

Are you using the current plugins? Some old ones downloaded ages ago are not compatible with the current Wifi version.

Unfortunately, there’‘s likely some problems running plugins when using the WAR build. To get a bit technical, the problem is that plugins are using compiled JSP pages and that doesn’‘t make other servlet containers happy in all cases. The fix is to move plugins from using JSP pages to something like Freemarker. This likely won’'t happen for a few releases. So, the best solution for now if you need plugins and are having problems making them work in your WAR environment is to switch back to the non-WAR build.



[/nobr]Hi Matt,

very interesting. I did install these four plugins mentioned above without problems using Tomcat / wifi.war. Also jwchat and muckl are running fine with the known problems.


how did you do this?

i’‘ve got it running but can’'t see the plugins in the admin…