Plugins not hot deploying

using 2.1.2 on redhat 9. Drop the plugin-search.jar file into the jive_Messenger/plugins directory and wait… Using the Admin tool, I see that no plugins are deployed.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi rdonath,

Are you seeing any error messages in the log viewer?



no messages in any logs that seem appropriate.

Hmm… are you able to conduct searches?

nope… I placed the plugin-search.jar file into the /plugins directory. I think the problem is that it doesn’‘t have the plugin.xml file to go with it. Did I deploy it incorrectly? I have the zip file I downloaded but I didn’'t think the JEtty hot deploy knows how to handle the zip file.

Did you download the plugin from url=[/url]? The file name should be search.jar, not plugin-search.jar.

Hey Rob,

You need to drop the url=[/url] file in the plugins folder. Messenger will unpack the jar file and create a search folder which will contain the files included in the jar.

It seems that you are trying to use the plugin-search.jar file instead of the search.jar so nothing will happen in that case.


– Gato

Slap me stoopid… It is now working. I had the wrong pieces in the directory since IE downloaded the jar file as a zip, I unzipped it an put just a subset of what was needed on the system. All fixed now. Thanks!