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Plugins updating

Daniel maybe is already looking into that issue. But i thought i would post that here. It’s becoming a constant problem with plugins upgrading via Admin Console. It shows update complete, but when you navigate to Plugins page again it show that update is available. Though after server restart it is showing latest installed version, so maybe installation is ok and this is only display issue. Happened with IM Gateway, i think SIP plugin and now with Broadcast too.

Hey wroot,

I saw that problem last Friday. It seems that plugins cannot be fully unloaded so new versions even though have down downloaded (i.e. you got the new jar file) cannot be loaded by Openfire since the old version was not unloaded. Restarting the server as you did is the way to go. I will see what’s going on with those plugins.


– Gato

I’ve had a simillar problem that related to plugins in a parent/child plugins. Could it be related? http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/159669

I remember last time I did parent-child plugin, when destroyPlugin() was called more than necessary. It was due to unclean recursive calls to unloadPlugin(). The parent-child references were not clean after a recursion. I emailed Matt about it. PluginManager was changed since then, but I’m not sure whether they’ve fixed the recursion problem.

As for the current issue, I noticed that there seems to be a relationship between the size of the plugin codes with the failure to unloading the plugin. Perhaps it starts to fail when plugins begin to build up usage of memory and play around with threads. Sometimes unloading would fail when running in a debugging mode, but not otherwise. The problem could be a hard to find bug, or perhaps something related to the JVM itself.

today at work server i have managed to upgrade broadcast plugin almost flawlessly. it just Updated message didnt dissapear itself and i had to refresh Plugins page. Maybe this can be related to plugins download speed (size). Or maybe this can be OS/JVM related. Here at work with linux i dont have such problems (though i use only two plugins here) as i do at home with Windows.