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PNG avatars disappearing daily

I’'m using Spark 1.0.2 which I understand just started fully support .PNG files as avatars. I was previously using a .gif file and had no problem. But now there are a few users using .png files, and every day when our spark client logs in, our avatars are missing and we have to go back into our profiles and add them.

I’‘m converting the .png files to .gif to see if that takes care of the problem, but I thought someone should know it was happening. I’'ll post the outcome after the change in filetype.

Thanks Rap,

Could you send me one of the png files that is causing this issue. I would like to look at the encoded version of it to determine the issue. BTW, there was an issue using large images for avatars with messenger (pre-wildfire) where messenger would not handle it properly.



Sure - as long as you don’'t critique the artwork!

I’'m new to the boards, is there a way to attach it here, or should I email you?

Converting the .png files to smaller .gif files had no affect. They are still disappearing.