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Points broken?


I wonder whether the cloud update did break the point settings. Currently it seems to be impossible to get points here, so new users will always be moderated.

Anyhow /people/temppost2 has got three points and I wonder how he did get them. We have no videos, ideas, no status updates and likely no events. So I’m a little bit confused how Jive spent these points.

Nevertheless I’d like to restore the Jive 5.x settings. I think they were something like this:

Enable: statuslevels.scenario.correctAnswerAdded, statuslevels.scenario.helpfulAnswerAdded, statuslevels.scenario.documentAdded, statuslevels.scenario.blogpostAdded, Create a discussion, Comment on any content

Disable: everything else

Maybe we could also enable: Have someone follow you, Have someone like something you posted,

URL: /admin/settings-statuslevels.jspa

Current settings: