Polish translation for new 2.6.0 finall version

Hi everyone who want to help for creation of polish translation file.

I’m working on it, but need some help for specific texts.

Need describe for some sentences to bring exactly translation what it means.

Enyone who want to help me in this job to make excellent translation into polish contact me privat message please.

Hi. When you are done, post your translation here. I will monitor this thread.

Polish is not my native language but i know it a bit, you can try posting some translations here, maybe i will be able to judge if it is correct.

New translation file added in attach after correction.

Please check and test it in polish
spark_i18n_pl.properties.zip (12934 Bytes)

those plugins have their own translation files:



not sure about the codecs page, probably it is still in an early experimental stage and doesnt have i18n file associated. cstux (author of these plugins) should know better.

If you update your translation, please, do a reply here and attach new version to a new reply. As i don’t ger notifications about attachment changes. Is this the latest version and no changes will be made?

Where is translation of ‘room configuration’ (preferences) attached in screen capture?


Finally version of polish translation file for Spark 2.6.0 RC1 attached (without 'room configuration" translation)!
spark_i18n_pl.properties.zip (12941 Bytes)

There is no i18n strings for that dialog.



added translation after 14 march 2011 ver. for:

Added key: ‘administrator’

Added key: ‘menuitem.add.groupchat.showrolesinsteadofstatus’

plus translations of plugins: spellchecker and flashing

Still can’t find english language for Codecs plugin
spark_i18n_pl.properties.zip (12948 Bytes)
flashing_i18n_pl.properties.zip (303 Bytes)
spellchecker_i18n_pl.properties.zip (307 Bytes)

applied spark, flashing and spellchecker properties

Martini26 schrieb:

Still can’t find english language for Codecs plugin

Theres no localization yet, its still hardcoded

Spark ok, but spellchecker and flashing plugin still in english. You didn’t include i18n_pl.properties files in plugin-classes.jar both plugins

that happens when a project includes binaries… will build them and commit

check 12111

I can’t find it!

From which link I can download latest versions? Is there any general exe file with all recent updates?


–> Artifacts

–> Install4j

I always download latest version from that link.

Properties files are in jar in plugins container but in the preferences still appears translation in english?! Why ?

I checked by myself (put files manually) and it works ok - in polish, but when I download 12111

36956160 bytes
Mar 14, 2011 8:41:04 AM

and install Spark, translation of plugins didn’t work ?!

I have installed 12111 and i see spellchecker and flashing preferences in Polish (when i select Polish GUI language).

Downloaded from link above (hope this is 12111 not 12103), installed, change gui to polish and see no translation of those two plugins into polish. Is there any cash to clean or something like that? I don’t know?

Using Windows 7 32bit!

go to %HOMEDIR% / %APPDATA% / Spark / plugins /

and delete old plugins

With today release 12115 works fine. Little mistake in translating of flashing plugin in ‘ł’

Corrected file attached
flashing_i18n_pl.properties.zip (303 Bytes)

New translate of fastpath and jingle plugins into polish.
fastpath_i18n_pl.properties.zip (2494 Bytes)
jingle_i18n_pl.properties.zip (439 Bytes)

Please add new ## strings into spark_i18n_pl.properties file to make translations for it. I don’t know if any old strings are deleted ?!

Thank You