Pop3 user@domain.com

My email server has vdomains that needs vdomains passed as the username@vdomain

is ther any way to pass each domain using the pop3 auth?


I think that the information you are looking for can be found here.




i can get user@defaultdomain to login

not user21@vhostdomain

it passes user21@defaultdomain not user21@vhostdomain

looks like its the client adium it passes the correct info on spark

i take that back spark passes user21@vhostdomain.com@defaultdomain.com


I am sorry. I do not understand what you are saying. Can you rephrase in a little bit more detail please?



sure ill try

im using pop3 as auth

my pop3 server has over 100 different domains that it host as virtuial domains.

the true domain is defaultdomain.com these users auth fine.

I want to be able to tell the buisness i host they have their own im server using client@vhostdomain.net

using the same wilfire server. but when i try user@vhostdomain some im’'s pass it as user@defaultdomain or user without the domain passed my email server uses user@defaultdomain. Spark passes to my server correctly client@vhostdomain but if i look in the user it created on the wilfire server everything is fine user and pass the email it creates for the account is user@vhostdmain.com@defaultdomain.com and i cant auth to wildfire.

My email server also can use client%vhostdomain and these work great with all domains

any better?

If I’'m not wrong you are referring to virtual domains/hosts. Unfortunately Wildfire currently supports only one domain and all registered accounts have to share the same domain. To host many domains you will have to install many instances of Wildfire.


– Gato