Populating the roster using LDAP

hi there!

just got Jive Messenger installed using LDAP for user verification and using Exodus as a client it works 100%!

but now i need an easy way to populate each client’'s roster with the rest of the users in the specific LDAP container. would like to roll this out to the entire company of around 150 users, and for each of them to add the other 149 users will be a nightmare, considering their level of IT knowledge.

we are currently using MSN and IM for Exchange 2000, but upgrading to 2003 we will be loosing IM. so what better way to go than open source! in MSN you can import contacts from a file, and the file can be easily created using a perl script.

in my Jive Messenger table on my SQL i found the roster table, and tried adding some contacts into the roster manually, but no success… is there an easier way to do this?

thanks! (*)


Check out the shared groups feature.



If you put people in groups and share those rosters then it works fine. It would be better if the group information came from LDAP too

and how would i get the group out of LDAP? we have a group called EVERYBODY, and every mail enabled user is in there… this would be the perfect group to use…

thanks for helping me in the right direction

dont worry, i noticed it will be coming soon: JM-129

thanks alot!!!