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Port 5222 is opened?

Hi there,

When I start wildfire with bin/wildfire start port 5223/9090/9091 are opened but not 5222. Does anyone know why this might be?

There is nothing in the event logs. I was using 2.4.3 and was getting errors about the ldap user search. I was usign the same xml file settings as from JiveMessenger. I updgraded to 2.4.4 and the ldap error messages are gone. I still cant connet to port 5222.

Here is the info log output

2006.01.30 08:08:22 Started plain (unencrypted) socket on port: 5222

2006.01.30 08:08:25 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 5223

2006.01.30 08:08:25 Multi User Chat domain: conference.www.pikachu.homedns.org

2006.01.30 08:08:25 Wildfire 2.4.4

2006.01.30 08:08:36 Admin console listening at:



netstat -lap | grep 522 shows

tcp 0 0 *:5223 : LISTEN 10301/java

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In the server properties, do you see line like that:

x.x.x.x:5222, NORMAL


From port the admin console I get

2: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

I am going to try and connect without going through the punjab http_polling proxy and see if that work.

Ok, so you wildfire listen on localhost only. Could send us the result of

netstat -lntp | grep 52 ?

Hi Mark,

I didn’'t check what “netstat -lap” usually displays, but as far as I know you will need to add “-n” so that no name resolution takes place. Otherwise “:5222” could be converted to “:jabber” or whatever your /etc/services defines.

With “netstat -an|grep 522” or the command Aurélien suggested you should see this port open.